Friday, July 08, 2005

In Your presence I am content

In Your presence I am content
In Your presence I am content
In Your presence there is light
Expressions of Your life
Revelations of Your power and might
In Your presence I can bring
My love song offering
I’m in the presence of my King

Simple song. Yet touches my heart a lot. Indeed, in Your presence, Daddy, I am content. Everything I need, anything I want, can be found in You. Amen.


At 11:04 PM , Blogger Ezer wjl said...

hey do you have this song on mp3?

i love this song man. but i can't seem to find it... =(( it would be awesome if you could send me!

email me:

At 6:12 PM , Blogger El Shadai / El Roi / Shekinah Glory said...

yes, send me too please...

also if anyone knows a slow christian song titled EXALTED (?)

Lyric goes like this...
"Exalted, You will always be exalted, You are worthy of honor and praise..."



At 6:55 PM , Blogger Grace said...

Does anyone know the lyrics of this song the end is something like.....l know my lord is here and real, oh oh my lord is here and real...



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